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210 Marseille Piosenki & amp; Piłka nożna Chants

Droit au but, the slogan that is also stated on OM’s emblem comes actually from rugby. It was only in 1902 that football began to be played by Olympique Marseille, while today OM is known to have one of the best stadium athmospheres in Europe.

2686 From Marseilles to Paris PSG - L'OM Listy odtwarzania
2775 Up Yours, Madrid A fanchant against Real Madrid! Listy odtwarzania
3472 Marseillais Classic fanchant of Marseille Listy odtwarzania
3474 Olympique Marseille This one makes a nice ringtone! Listy odtwarzania
4170 Up Yours Chelsea A fanchant against Chelsea! Listy odtwarzania
4868 Marseillais Come on Come On NEW OM, the whole stadium is behind you! Listy odtwarzania
5564 Andre Ayew André Ayew! Listy odtwarzania
6265 Valbuena There can only be one Listy odtwarzania
6525 The Song of Marseillais Song for motivate the team of OM Listy odtwarzania
9718 The Ultras Sing A chant sung by the ultras of Marseille Listy odtwarzania
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10325 Paris, Paris L'OM - PSG Listy odtwarzania
10414 Benzema, Up Yours The Marseille Ultras havin a go at Karim Benzema Listy odtwarzania
10800 Jean-Marc Donnet Marseille Central Defender Listy odtwarzania
11110 Those Not Jumping Get up all you marseille supporters! Listy odtwarzania
11112 We Will Score OM, the whole stadium is behind you! Listy odtwarzania
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